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Kingston upon Thames, Surrey




Urgent Care Centre
Reception Waiting Area Treatment Rooms 2 Resus Areas 6 Majors cubicles
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Urgent Care Centre | Majors & Resus Facilities

Kingston University Hospital required the delivery of two new buildings to expand the Majors and Resus facilities to the North of the hospital campus and a new Urgent Care Centre on the East.

The site was heavily constrained due to the location of works on the emergency department. All roads and routes in the vicinity of the site were in use 24/7 including blue light access. Our precision manufacturing process allowed for a significant portion of the building to be constructed off-site which greatly minimised disruption to the functioning of the hospital.

When on site, we installed traffic marshals to control vehicle access along the main access/ egress route with full communication with the hospital to ensure blue light routes were not interrupted. Additional access to the east of the site was also established for deliveries, module installation and non-essential vehicular access.

Our design team worked diligently to ensure that the building design was fully compliant with Department of Health and Social Care Health Technical Memorandas and Health Building Notes for the accident and emergency extension. We maintained tight quality control of the build from pre-construction through to production and on-site installation through regular inspections, milestone reviews and reporting so that the building was handed over defect free and fully operational from day one.

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