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0 weeks Total time on site
0 Than traditional build


Pound Hill, Crawley




2 storey
360 pupils
12 Classrooms
Large Hall
Tech Room
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Pound Hill Junior School is located just off Crawley Lane in Poundhill, a residential area on the north-eastern outskirts of Crawley. This project required the construction of a completely new school, to replace the existing older building and temporary units that were being used to house the schools 360 students.

As the groundworks and construction of the building took place in a live school environment, a significant level of additional planning and scheduling was required. The school is also located in a highly residential area and so ongoing communication with locals played a key part in the successful delivery of the project.

Once construction on the new school building was completed the old building was demolished during school holidays. The footprint of the previous school building was then landscaped, complete with a new play area for pupils.