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Cannock Road, Wolverhampton




4 Semi-detached houses
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Wolverhampton Homes

This project required ESS Modular to deliver four semi-detached affordable homes on a busy main road leading in and out of Wolverhampton. The site, located near a school, was subject to large volumes of passing traffic.

We worked collaboratively with Wolverhampton Homes on the development of a reduced project timeframe and a fast installation process which were vital to ensure minimal disruption in and around Cannock Road. We led the planning process, liaising with the Planning Authority, to agree a design that would be acceptable and approved.

The installation of all four houses took place over a period of two days and was programmed over a weekend. All four houses were lifted into position over these two days and then on one further day all roof units were lifted into position. In just three working days all four houses were installed on-site and were sitting in position ready to take the final finishes.  Mains utility connections were installed, and the housing units tested, commissioned and handed over to the client, just 14 weeks after starting on site.



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